On Demand WebCast – Sobre Visual Studio 2008

On Demand Webcasts
Download previously recorded webcasts at your convenience.

MSDN Webcast: Developing Office Business Applications: From Client to SharePoint and Beyond (Level 300)
Office Business Applications (OBAs) are a new breed of composite solution that leverage the Microsoft Office platform to integrate line of business systems, such as SAP, PeopleSoft, and Microsoft Dynamics, with the Microsoft Office system. In this webcast more

MSDN Webcast: Domain-Specific Development with Visual Studio DSL (Level 300)
Microsoft Visual Studio provides a great set of built-in development tools, and an open and extensible platform. Two key components of this platform are Domain-Specific Language (DSL) Tools and the text templating framework. In this webcast, we show how t more

MSDN Webcast: Implementing Visual Studio in Cross-Platform Environments (Level 100)
Many enterprise customers have cross-platform environments and need tools that can bridge these environments. A number of Microsoft Visual Studio partners provide solutions that integrate with Visual Studio for language services, embedded systems, and cro more

MSDN Webcast: How to Integrate Visual Studio Tools for Applications 2.0 (Level 200)
Join Summit Software as they perform a sample integration of Microsoft Visual Studio Tools for Applications version 2.0. In this technical presentation, we focus on providing an end-to-end walk-through of the integration process, leveraging Summit’s integ more

MSDN Webcast: Build Tools for Any Platform with the Visual Studio 2008 Shell (Level 200)
With the Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 Shell, Visual Studio becomes a tool for almost any platform. Whether you are looking to build an “express” edition for your programming language product or you want to build an integrated development environment (IDE) more

MSDN Webcast: VSX: Extend Your Development Experience with Visual Studio 2008 (Level 100)
The Microsoft Visual Studio development system is not only an industry-leading suite of development tools, it is also an open and extensible platform. Visual Studio supports a rich, diverse ecosystem of developers who ship thousands of Visual Studio—integ more

MSDN Webcast: A Lap Around Visual Studio Team System 2008 (Level 100)
In this demo-intensive session, we expose you to many of the new features in Microsoft Visual Studio Team System 2008. Join us for an understanding of how Visual Studio Team System 2008 can help your organization with full application lifecycle management more

MSDN Webcast: Team Development with Visual Studio Team System 2008 (Level 100)
Do you build software alone? In today’s world, software development is done by increasingly larger teams made of people with different skill sets, including project planning, functional definition, development, and testing. As teams grow larger, there is more

MSDN Webcast: Developing Secure Code Using Visual Studio Partner Solutions (Level 100)
Organizations understand the importance of developing secure software and the unrelenting focus necessary to develop secure code. A number of Microsoft Visual Studio Industry Partners (VSIPs) provide tools to help you write and distribute safe, secure cod more

Microsoft Webcast: Protecting, Assessing, and Monetizing Your Application Gold (Level 200)
There are material opportunities waiting for organizations that most effectively protect and mine the gold inside their applications. In this webcast, we demonstrate how you can ensure that your application investments return the highest possible yields b more



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